Project Management Training

Photo by Michael Göthe
Photo by Michael Göthe
I combine practical elements from my PMI, IPMA, AXELOS (PRINCE2) certifications, PhD studies and recent publications in the field of Project Management.
I tailor training to your needs. Examples of training topics:
  • What is a successful project? Hierarchy of project objectives.
  • How to define the scope of projects?
  • Managing change and problems in projects.
  • Estimation techniques.
  • Scheduling, critical path method, schedule management techniques.
  • Risk management.
  • Lessons learned in projects.
  • Roles and responsibilities in the project environment. The importance of project owners for project success.
  • Stages of team development. Roles within the team.
  • Stakeholder management.
  • Communication in projects.
  • Procurement management in projects.
  • Lean and agile fundamentals.
  • Programme management.
  • Project Portfolio Management.
  • Project value management.
  • Working with Microsoft Project.
  • Project Management Maturity Models. Maturity assessment and development in the organisation.

Feedback about the training:

Saulius Šimkonis conducted Project Management training and workshops for Litgrid AB Project Managers, Department Managers and project team members. Saulius was an excellent moderator of discussions,helping to identify improvements in the organisation’s processes by using hands-on exercises. We cooperate with Saulius whenever there is a need to increase competence in Project Management and to improve practical knowledge on specific topics.

Rozalija Gerenauskienė
Head of Litgrid Project Control Unit

In delivering project management training to managers, Saulius is adept at pinpointing the areas that need to be focused on in order to achieve successful project outcomes. The clear structure of the training, the audience-specific content, the numerous practical examples and exercises make it one of the best training courses for managers I have ever experienced.

Ramūnas Severinas
Head of SBA Group PMO

Project Management Consulting

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Bringing project back on track

For several years, my role was Project Management Quality and Review Manager. The Review Manager’s job was to analyse projects in difficult situations in order to find the best way forward. The project would continue to be managed by the Project Manager and I would help to develop a “project recovery” plan to bring the project back under control.


  • There are doubts that a major project will be completed on time.
  • Stakeholders have different perceptions of what will be delivered by the project and what will remain outside the scope.
  • It is difficult to understand how the project has progressed in the last period, how much more time and budget is required to complete the project and who will do what.
Development of the project schedule

For several years I worked as a Master Scheduler, analysing detailed project schedules prepared by 14 well trained project managers, looking for ways to optimise the schedule.


  • Need help setting or optimising the timetable for a specific project.
  • Need a template for a typical project schedule.
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Lessons learned sessions

In my work within the PMO and as a consultant to organisations, I have facilitated a number of Lessons Learnt sessions. Lessons learned in projects” “was also the topic of my PhD thesis.


  • You want a Lessons Learned session for the project(s).
  • You want to train staff on how to conduct effective Lessons Learned sessions.
Risk sessions

I have extensive experience in organising risk management at project, programme and portfolio levels, and in dealing with the challenges of presenting the “big picture” of risks at portfolio or programme level.


  • There is a demand for a risk identification and risk response planning session.
  • There is a need to improve risk management in projects, programmes or project portfolios.

Project Management Process

I have extensive experience as a project management process manager and have helped many organisations set up and improve their project management process.

Research shows that organisations with higher project management maturity achieve better financial results, higher customer and employee satisfaction.

Developing a project management process

Describing the project management process is one of the necessary steps to improve project management in an organisation. It reminds who has to do what, which stakeholders should be involved and which documents should be completed. I have worked as a Project Management Process Manager and have helped a number of organisations to develop a project management process.

Project management process improvement

When a project management process improvement initiative arises, it is useful to bring in an independent expert. The expert can help to identify areas worth streamlining and elements of the process worth refining. External help is also useful in developing an implementation plan for an improved process.


Feedback on the Project Management process consulting:

We had been developing our project management process for a long time and it had become quite complex, not easy to follow and challenging to train new staff. Saulius Šimkonis helped us to simplify our Project Management process, leaving key elements, unambiguous terms, shorter text and clearer description of roles and responsibilities.

Lina Melianienė
Head of the Investment Project Management Unit, Vilnius City Municipality Administration

Saulius helped us develop a Project and Portfolio Management process that we have been using for over 8 years. The clear structure and concise text made it easy to adapt the process to evolving needs.

Arnas Dūmanas
COO, Lietuvos oro uostai